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Guilt-free indulgence

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By Christy - August 15th, 2008

Starbucks coffee card

I’m a student of human nature and it is fascinating to me to see how certain marketing techniques seem to really work on the human brain. One of these techniques is the Starbucks card. On many occasions I’ve been out with a friend to Starbucks and they’ve whipped out their Starbucks card when it came time to pay pronouncing that they would get it as they had a card. I always find myself hesitate when this happens because it is not like the card is a coupon, it is still the person’s money, no different than if they were going to pay with a debit/credit card. I think the lure of the Starbucks card is that by putting money on the card in advance it sort of negates the guilt of buying a sinful cappuchino and treat at the moment of purchase (for an expensive $7.50). It is completely illogical though as 1. it is no more convenient than using a debit/credit card and 2. all the card money collected by Starbucks cards sits in their account rather than in the consumers.

I’d be interested to hearing any other thoughts you might have as to why the Starbuck’s card is so effective in getting consumers to buy into it?


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