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Take the weekend off, that’s an order

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By peterurban - August 25th, 2008

My bosses here at Plainpeak Inc. are passionate, committed workaholics, whom I’ve caught at the office on late Saturday evenings more than once, so this article is for them: How to Shut Off Your Job for the Weekend.

The tips they provide for a commitment and guilt-free weekend away from the office are very helpful it often surprises people that simply organizing your daily tasks and upcoming projects, and (very important) keeping them where you can see and manage them, returns a great deal of peace of mind. When it comes to running your small business there is no such thing as out of sight, out of mind. Keeping a strict system for managing your contacts, follow-ups and to-dos is the next best thing to actually “shutting down” your brain from the stresses of the office.

Another tactic of equal importance is finding the little ways to manage stress. Oftentimes we enable ourselves to work up a fuss over things that can’t be helped, thereby putting undue strain on what is manageable on that day’s agenda. Things that we make out to be a big deal rarely end up costing as much time and effort as we anticipate, so why put your mind and body through trouble in advance when experience and instinct should remind you that it won’t be that bad? Taking short breaks when you need them and setting aside time in the evenings to get outside and enjoy doing nothing can help everyone to feel more rested and energetic about the upcoming work day/week. Managing your stress levels all week long is a much better formula for a fun, guilt-free weekend than the inevitable crash of sleep and pigging out that we are often tempted to do when given an opportunity to forget the office., where I found the above article, has lots of great lifestyle articles that are very applicable to this topic. A great stop for a quick browse.

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