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Tech businesses are like roid monkeys

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By Christy - August 25th, 2008

A business needs balance just like a person needs balance. This is especially true for a tech-based business. Most tech businesses are very process focussed and technology focussed with little effort placed on sales and customer service. Recently, I had the experience of printing a banner through a local print shop. The quality of the banner surpassed my expectations however my whole experience was ruined by the customer service element – there was a miscommunication on the size of the banner and the sales rep had neglected to tell us in our verbal quote the additional charges that would apply for set up. As a result, all the effort the company went through to buy the right high-end equipment for printing, the right materials for the product and hiring printing experts was negated by the poor overall experience I had. Business really needs to be looked at as a full system. To give you a visual, imagine a champion body builders physique (ie. Arnold Swartzneggar in his prime) vs some of those roid monkeys who for example only pump up their upper body and have toothpick legs…not a pretty picture, need I say more.


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