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Christy’s product pick: iShowU HD Pro

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By Christy - February 18th, 2009

iShowU HD Pro
iShowU is a very cool capturing application (realtime screencasting), that captures online/offline media that can be imported directly into Pro Apps such as Final Cut (you can even choose pro level settings). The image quality of the captures is quite amazing. Ironically, the demos on their website are not that impressive which is [...]

Handling negative blog comments

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By peterurban - February 13th, 2009

Ok, last week I spoke about the power of comments on online blogging communities. But what about the dark side of blogging, every bloggers worst fear… (Please cue the ominous music.)
The negative comment!
You know what I’m talking about. What a nightmare. You post something you really care about, and that you put spent some time [...]

Christy’s product pick: iCal Events

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By Christy - February 11th, 2009

iCal Events
This product is a widget you can put on your dashboard, it draws calendar events out of your Apple calendar and gives you a summary of up to two weeks in advance. The events are color coded to define which calendar events are out of. It is a great reminder, it has saved me [...]

Christy’s product pick: MacJournal

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By Christy - February 6th, 2009

I came across MacJournal as a means to keep my notes organized. I often find myself at events, talks, seminars etc and need an organized place to keep track of my notes and ideas. MacJournal is almost like a personal log from StarTrek (I’m out of the closet ), you can keep a [...]

Comments: the bread and butter of blogging

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By peterurban - February 6th, 2009

Although I have a lot more thinking to do on corporate marketing copy, today I will be brief and point you to an incredible article about one of the most important yet under-theorized aspects of web 2.0 interaction and networking: COMMENTS.
I got the idea from Chris Brogan’s blog post A Crash Course in Comments. Chris [...]