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Christy’s product pick: MacJournal

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By Christy - February 6th, 2009


I came across MacJournal as a means to keep my notes organized. I often find myself at events, talks, seminars etc and need an organized place to keep track of my notes and ideas. MacJournal is almost like a personal log from StarTrek (I’m out of the closet :) ), you can keep a daily journal, written or video, as well as notes.

What I like is that your notes are dated so it is easy to go back and find specific entries. The MacJournal also has cool features like export to blog, Picasa integration, password protection and encryption options. It is a great tool for the creative professional as it allows you to collect your thoughts and ideas in one place, it also doesn’t limit you to just using words to express yourself. It is also priced well at $34.95US

Cost: Free trial and then can purchase for $34.95
Requires: Mac OS X Leopard.


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