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Comments: the bread and butter of blogging

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By peterurban - February 6th, 2009

Although I have a lot more thinking to do on corporate marketing copy, today I will be brief and point you to an incredible article about one of the most important yet under-theorized aspects of web 2.0 interaction and networking: COMMENTS.

I got the idea from Chris Brogan’s blog post A Crash Course in Comments. Chris draws attention to the ways in which comments act like currency online: they are the central component of blogging conversation and community building. He provides tips both for commenters themselves, as well as for bloggers who are interested in generating discussion out of their daily content. This was especially interesting for me, as I am always trying to make the connection between what is interesting to me and what I think might be interesting to our readers.

I think one of the most important tips he provides is that bloggers need to consider how their content might relate to their target readership’s daily lives. At Plainpeak, the emphasis is always on Growing Smart, so I push myself to constantly expand my understanding of what business is and can be I am interested in sharing these experiences with you, but moreso in hearing what you have to say so that my own business practices can improve. That’s the beauty of blogging, I get as much as I give.

What do you think about comments? What makes you want to comment on someone’s blog post? Is there a commenting etiquette that you think Chris Brogan missed out on?

In the meantime, speaking of good blogging practices, I recommend Brogan’s blog to anyone. Its straight up smart.


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