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Daydreaming finally pays off

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By peterurban - June 8th, 2009

One of my favorite marketing blogs, Neuromarketing, recently ran a post about the positive side of daydreaming.

As blogger Roger Dooley notes, when business teams need to brainstorm a new idea, the knee-jerk action is to get people sitting down together to spend a segmented amount of time concentrating on thinking and talking about one topic until something sticks.

Don't think so hard. According to some, daydreaming can be productive.

Don't think so hard. According to psychologist sources, daydreaming can be productive.

However according to Karina Christoff, psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, this tried and true method is not always the best approach.

It’s not that concentrated thought is a bad idea. But daydreaming, Professor Christoff suggests, isn’t as unproductive as it is said to be. In fact, daydreaming improves your creativity.

Christoff explains: After all that mind-wandering, eventually you start seeing connections that you wouldn’t have seen before, because you would never have logically allowed your mind to make those connections. Now it’s going to make them for you.”

I’m sure that most marketing experts have their own unique take on the creative brainstorming process. Few people can come up with something truly innovative by staying within the lines.

So what’s your approach?

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