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Keywords: Finding a balance

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By peterurban - June 15th, 2009

I recently came across an incredible set of articles about keyword maximization on There is no way I can top Brian Clark’s summarization of why keywords are important, how you can discover what keywords can impact your blog, and what effects they have on your traffic, so I will refer you to his handiwork:

Click here for the tutorial on keyword research.

I think every blogger can learn a lot from Brian’s suggestions.

But one point that he doesn’t cover in his articles is the fine balance between too many and too few keywords. I’m also interested in keyword usage on webpages, where I think the frequency of keywords can just as easily break as make your browsing popularity.

You can request a free keyword ranking report from (search engine

You can request a free keyword ranking report from to see where you stand against search engine heavyweights.

For example, while the average web surfer will likely come across your homepage more easily with the help of keywords, if an excessive amount of marketing jargon awaits them they might be less inclined to stay and click around.

I doubt there are hard and fast rules for how much keywording you can get away with without your homepage sounding identical to the top ranked search result for your niche market.

Do you have a keyword strategy? Is there a magic formula for focusing on keywords while still maintaining your own unique marketing brand?

As someone who spends a lot of time trying to maximize the quality, clarity and relevance of my marketing copy, I’d like (read: I need) your input.


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